What Is ShungaBliss? Science, Ecstasy, and Enlightenment for a Modern World

What Is ShungaBliss? Science, Ecstasy, and Enlightenment for a Modern World, by John Levin. ShungaBliss is a new Tantra. It goes beyond sexuality to get you in touch with the ecstatic spellbinding energy of your own consciousness. It's much more amazing than anything on Quantum Mechanics. It combines the concepts of String Theory with thousands of years of experiments of meditators with Energy Bodies. You'll learn how to actually feel the electron surfaces of your body, the hidden heartbeat of emotion in Out-of-the-Body Experiences, the magnetic power you feel every moment - just barely hidden within, the alka-seltzer fizz of pure love and creativity, the real yin and yang of Einstein's Relativity, the true Oneness of the Cosmic Body, and the Emptiness where time and space cease. It's all within us and not that hard to get to. ShungaBliss is not just something you do alone. As you learn about each Energy Body, you'll also learn the deliciousness of connecting with your lover, of the hidden touches of the surfaces of these Energy Selves. This is the real Tantra that makes every moment of your life ecstatic, rich, and fulfilling. We all have it. Our cultures and societies have just forgotten to pay attention.

Regular Tantra too often just remembers that people once knew energy miracles, but now it just tries to imitate what those old Taoists and Tantrikas must have had. Affirmations, rituals, and breathing techniques to hold back your orgasms are small potatoes next to the experiential knowledge of your Energy Bodies where hours and hours of the most profound ecstatic love become both natural and effortless. Feeling the connecting touch of you and your lover's only barely hidden Energy Selves is really just a boost to help you feel the miracle of these aspects of your own awareness when you're alone, or with the trees and mountains, or even in the middle of traffic in the city. This is the real meditation. It's not centeredness, calmness, or escape from life, but the power, intensity, and magic you knew you had when you were small. You just needed to remember - and to fit it in with the scientific knowledge you now have as an adult.

If you've read Osho, you'll particularly like this book. If you've been reading anything about Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness, then this will do you one better. I hope you enjoy this new approach and learn how to drop all the silly unhappiness society has mistakenly told you was real.

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