How To Practice Tantra Breathing

By Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta

To learn tantra breathing, you first have to understand what the science and art of tantric breathing is all about. One can get a basic insight into it by attending a tantra for couples workshop. However, there is no substitute for studying it diligently under an accomplished tantra teacher, since tantric breathing is an integral part of the overall tantra mosaic. In fact - though it may not be immediately evident, it plays an important role in enhancing one's experience with sex and intimacy.

Essentially, tantra breathing is the diametric opposite of our normal, shallow type of respiration. A tantric breath can be perceived all the way down to the nether regions. Along the way, it ventilates and opens up every chakra, culminating with the stimulation of the chakras connected with sex.

For couples who are being initiated into tantra breathing by a tantra master, the experience can be somewhat disconcerting. In our day-to-day existence, we have learned to breathe superficially, unobtrusively and without any awareness of the process. This is all part of our instinctual desire to avoid drawing attention to ourselves.

Tantric breathing, on the other hand, is quite different. The drawing in of breath is a focused and conscious process, and is coupled with vivid visualization of what is happening. The exhalation of a tantric breath is an audible, sighing sound that has a lot in common with an orgasmic moan. In a tantra for couples setting, hearing and engaging in tantric breathing can initially be a source of discomfort to some new students. Others are okay with practicing it in a group setting, but are uncomfortable while practicing it only with their partners.

After he has helped his students overcome their initial uneasiness, the tantra master will proceed to introduce them to the next level of tantra breathing. Here, the couple engages in rhythmic tantric breathing while keeping their gazes fixed on each other. Their locked eyes must convey their desire and love for each other - each breath needs to emphatically communicate these emotions to the other. The process soon begins to stimulate their dormant sexual energy.

This awakening of the sexual core is indeed a powerful and experience. Many students of tantra are immediately seduced by it and proceed straight to sexual union.

However, your tantra teacher will caution you that the tantra energy generated by tantra breathing is meant to be harnessed and used to achieve the higher objective of sexual control. Gaining this control is what makes tantra sex the most fulfilling erotic experience you can ever have, and is a permanent and ever-appreciating gift. Squandering the energy released by tantric breathing in immediate sexual release is counter-productive and therefore discouraged by an experienced tantra teacher.

Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta is a Tantra Teacher with an in-depth knowledge of traditional Indian sciences and Sanskrit literature. Visit his tantra online guide for Tantra Lessons, kriyas and mudras from this young Tantra Master.

Article Source: EzineArticles