Pilgrims to Openness: Direct Realization Tantra in Everyday Life

Pilgrims to Openness: Direct Realization Tantra in Everyday Life, by Shambhavi Sarasvati. Pilgrims to Openness is a practical guidebook to authentic Indian Tantra (Kashmir Shaivism). Nearly seventy lyrical, readable essays speak with warmth, intelligence and compassion to curious beginners and more experienced practitioners alike.

Many of the essays were written in response to questions from students to the author. "Do I need a Guru?" "What is suffering?" "Why am I doing spiritual practice?" These, along with topics such as "What is nonduality?", are offered in a lucid, gutsy and often humorous style. No subject is off limits, from difficult emotions, such as loneliness, to love relationships, death, kundalini, chakras, boredom, and how to wake up in the morning and for all time. The final pages offer detailed instructions for three key practices. Click here for more information or to order.

Shambhavi Sarasvati has trained for more than twenty years in the view and practices of direct realization Tantra Kashmir Shaivism. She is fortunate to have studied with several great teachers in both Indian and Tibetan nondual traditions. Born in the U.S., she offers teachings for contemporary people that are still uncompromisingly true to their origins. Her non-mystical view is that Tantra is a way to learn about and live in the fullness of Reality. This is Self-realization. Nothing more or less.